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At Industrial Railsource, our expertise is founded upon a commitment to the latest in railroad news and information. And we understand that staying educated on the most current industry topics contributes to our success. Check here for everything from articles, press releases, and videos to technological advancements in railroad design, construction, safety, and more. If it’s important railroad information, it’s here.


10/19/15:ailroads warn of nationwide meltdown if extension not granted for safety requirements
10/19/15:BNSF builds rail superhighway to grab truck freight
10/6/15:Exclusive: Safety deadline may exempt U.S. railroads
9/28/15:Mark Manion to retire as Norfolk Southern executive vice president
9/28/15:AAR: Rail traffic takes a slight dip
9/28/15:DOT-117 defined
9/21/15:Rail Freight Due for a Revival in Connecticut
9/21/15:Five Railroad Stocks On Track For Turnarounds
9/14/15:Freight railroads may halt service unless Congress acts
9/14/15:As safety deadline looms, railroads look to Congress to avert shutdown
9/14/15:What To Do With Railroad Tank Cars That Are No Longer Safe Or Economical?
8/24/15:Canadian Pacific ready to provide best-in-class service
8/24/15:Union Pacific Railroad and Subsidiary Union Pacific Distribution Services Receive...
8/24/15:CSX's Latest Woes Showcase Railroad Industry Weakness
8/10/15:CSX: A railroad in pursuit of optimum performance
8/10/15:BNSF closer to safety tech than UP
8/10/15:Washington budget funds three freight-rail infrastructure projects
8/3/15:Massachusetts, New York DOTs provide funding for freight-rail projects
8/3/15:Horrendous Freight Train Incident Prompts Dangerous Rail Cargo Rule Change
8/3/15:The Time Is Right for Freight Rail Reform
7/27/15:Federal Agency Weighs Turning Back Clock on Freight Rail, Economy
7/27/15:Norfolk Southern declares quarterly dividend
7/6/15:U.S. Open 2015: Why freight trains will come barreling through Chambers Bay
7/6/15: US chemicals sector hails new federal study on rail rate charges
7/6/15:Freight-rail accidents fall, despite high-profile derailments
6/22/15:How deregulation saved the freight rail industry
6/22/15:AAR reiterates freight-rail industry's commitment to PTC
6/15/15:No need to fix a freight rail system that is thriving
6/15/15:Partial deregulation continues to transform freight
6/15/15:New report says US freight rail regulations outdated
6/1/15:Freight railroads in northwest working on safety upgrade
6/1/15:Coal Shippers Question Freight Railroad Costs
5/26/15:NASA Railroad reaches the end of its line
5/26/15:The catalyst that transformed freight rail transport
5/18/15:Giving freight rail tracks a boost
5/18/15:US chemical, other industries press Congress on rail freight reform
5/11/15:Feds unveil rules for safer railroad tank cars, better braking system
5/11/15:Push on to honor Chinese railroad workers
5/11/15:Railroads Want One-Man Crews on Massive Freight Trains
5/4/15:Buffett says new oil train rules will affect BNSF railroad
5/4/15:Rail unions back bill mandating two-member crews on freight trains
5/4/15:Breakthrough in rail freight safety expected
4/27/15: A small railroad with big stakes in coal weighs
4/27/15: Coalition calls for creation of freight infrastructure fund
4/27/15: Railroad union urges tougher safety standards on tracks
4/20/15: Railroad Operator CSX on Track to Deliver Long-Term Profits
4/20/15:Shippers look to the rivers to move more freight
4/13/15: Large freight railroads ramp up budgets, workloads
4/13/15: America’s Freight Railroads Are Investing in Safety
4/6/15: BNSF railroad adds new safety rules for crude oil trains
3/30/15:North American Railroads Caught by Speed of Crude-Oil Collapse
3/26/15:A Bipartisan Move To Strengthen Freight Rail Regulation
3/19/15:Railroad chief says oil companies need to do more for rail safety
3/19/15:Metal Thieves Target Railroad Spikes
3/9/15:Why America needs to invest in railroad tracks
3/9/15:Palmetto Railways wins 2015 Short Line Railroad of the Year
3/9/15:103-car freight train loaded with crude oil derails
3/2/15:Railroads Want One-Man Crews on Massive Freight Trains
3/2/15:Railroads expand capacity on Mississippi as freight, oil traffic grows
3/2/15:Freight slows as snow and cold pummel trains across New England
2/23/15:KCSM: Bright future for Mexico's rail freight sector
2/23/15:BNSF plans $120 million in 2015 capital work for Wisconsin
2/23/15:Railroads expand capacity on Mississippi

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