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Industrial Railsource is proud to provide you with the experienced contacts and solutions you need to increase railroad safety and decrease capital costs associated with track ownership. Whether single or multi-site, regular inspections and operational training are the answer to eliminating the risk of derailments from drainage, worn switches and movement of commodities in new or existing yards.

Operational training for both managers and new hires.

  • Being able to inspect and identify problems before a derailment occurs will greatly impact the efficiency of your yard and overall rail safety. All employees will be properly trained on every piece of equipment in your yard, making sure operations are performed safely and efficiently.

Scheduled inspections and perform maintenance as needed.

  • Experienced, FRA-qualified inspectors are able to identify broken or ineffective track materials, gauge problems, and deviations in horizontal and vertical alignment. Simple yet thorough track inspection reports allow customers to understand the scope and severity of any defects.
  • State-of-the-art testing, without all of the expense from other inspection or construction companies.
  • Regular Inspections:
    • Daily inspections during the first 2 weeks of operation.
    • One inspection per month for the following 3 months.
    • One inspection before the end of the year.
    • Inspections may include:
      • The current average condition of track.
      • The overall quantity of track and turnouts.
      • The average volume of railcars per month.
      • The volatility of material shipped / unloaded.
      • The customer’s insurance requirements and/or company policies.
  • Repair & Maintenance
    • Industrial Railsource knows the importance of prioritizing repairs to save you money while still maintaining a safe track system. Our field personnel network is skilled and detail-oriented. Our state-of-the-art on-track machines save money via reduced mobilizations and less manpower required. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency repairs. We consider the safety of your rail systems our personal charge.
  • Operations Training
    • An operations course can be taught to both railroad operating personnel & rail personnel in an industrial application such as refineries, steel mills, and remediation sites. The course includes both classroom and on-site training for the personnel and supervising staff, who are responsible for performing actual railcar movements.
    • A typical Rail yard& Industrial Switching Operations training course consists of one 8-12 hour session in a classroom environment, and three 8-12 hour sessions of on-site supervision. This training is intended to qualify rail employees to safely operate rail equipment and their associated rail system. The operation training will be tailored to fit your location and rail operations, whether it is the occasional movement of a small number of cars around a small work site, or a large number of cars around an industry or rail yard.
    • The training will include:
      • Infrastructure management
      • Daily safety operations plan
      • Shifting strategy
      • Equipment maintenance plan

Whether an existing or new rail yard, your business operations depend on track and train safety and the safe operational execution of your employees. Contact Industrial Railsource to connect with the industry’s most talented and cost effective safety inspectors and trainers today!

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